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Made my day

I love it


It was so god at first then it kept crashing and no matter how many times I shut off my phone completely it would not open and if I “ payed” for 20 followers it would give me like 7-8 😡😡😡

Needs fix ASAP!!!

I love this app, it truly works. HOWEVER, it keeps on saying that I need to verify my account and whenever I sign in to verify, it keeps on taking me back to the same page over and over again, and it never verifies. Please fix this soon!


ցɾҽɑե ƒօɾ ҍմտíղҽss


A little mad right now because l followed a lot of people and it gave me coins for it then l got back on and it said that l unfollowed 96 people???? When l know for sure that l didn’t unfollow anyone. Now I’m restricted and have to dig myself out cause I’m at -136 coins and it’s ridiculous cause I’ve haven’t unfollowed anyone.



Horrible App

Don't use guys!! You don't get what you paid for and when you contact them they still don't make it right. Even the Golden followers unfollow you after a few days, and they do nothing about it. Use something else that won't rob you. Very disappointing Social Rocket!!!




I'm always very skeptical of any apps like this, but it is actually really easy to use and does its job! Very surprise if and very unique app.👍👍

Pricy but not bad so far...

I've only had it for a day but I will make another review in a week or so, to see how well it has served me. Anyhow I'm glad for now

Good so far.

I have just downloaded this app today and it is going well. Wood recommend

Amazing app!

This app is absolutely amazing. 100% suggest downloading it!

I gave it three stars because

The app was good until I bought 50 followers and I only got two. So if you could get it to where I get the rest that would be grate.

Good app

Thank you for app

Great app! ❤️

Awesome app minimum ads and a great feature you can have 2 accounts at once and get more coins!. Definitely a 5 star app. Although the followers unfollow pretty quick which isn't so bad you can get golden followers which is awesome as well. All in all great app, amazing quality. Definitely recommend!

App crashes every time you try to use it

Not worth it.




Love this app and has helped me grow my accounts numbers. I’m giving four stars because the app keeps crashing and doesn’t start up sometimes. I don’t mind the ads but let the app load first before barging with all the pop up ads.


So good.


Was excited at the beginning but after making a purchase for 500 followers and not receiving them I’m disappointed and will cancel my subscription.

So far so good

Pricey but they have decent deals. It’s worth it for marketing reasons.

This is amazing

At first I was like this won’t work but then I started getting hundreds of followers then thousands and I’m not popular all you do is earn coin for exchange for like and followers I almost feel guilty using it


The app is great, it really works and is quite easy to use. Very simple and straight forward process. The only thing is that you get penalize when you unfollow people and that is ok and easy to understand. But the problem is that when closed account accept you and then decide to block you. The app warns you not to unfollow people or you will get ban, but it is out of my control and can’t do anything about it.

I wouldn’t recommend...

So I bought followers and they didn’t give me the amount of followers I purchased


By far the most convenient app to grab some likes & follows. 😎



Technical difficulties

Darn app keeps quitting on me. It’s very frustrating removing and installing the app just open in it for a few minutes then it unexpectedly quits ! Smh

Works well

No BS.


These guys steal your money and never respond to messages. If they do respond, they clearly have no on on staff that speaks English because the content of your message goes ignored. FIX THE PROBLEM! DO THE WORK, YOU’VE BEEN PAID. Don’t bother with this app!! And why do the offer to let you pay off app??? That’s the only thing they put effort into, stealing more money.


Every time i try to get on it , it crashes so i have to delete and redownload then once it get on it , it crashes 👎🏽


The app non stop crashes please fix but it is a great app

I’m getting my coin sis💕💰

I’m only rating it 5 stars because for coins

Amazing 😉

Does what it says


I was really shocked that this actually worked. I thought it was gonna be like the other apps that just hack your acc buh I got tons of followers you just need to follow the instructions ✌️

Great app

Best for increasing followers.

stole my money

The app froze and then suddenly came back to saying that I had confirmed a purchase for $10 worth of followers. Granted the followers appear to be coming, but I did NOT want to spend money at that time! Waiting on an email response but if I see a $10 payment in my checking account then hands will be thrown.

Good but needs a fix

This is an AMAZING app, but it says I’m unfollowing people. I haven’t unfollowed anyone, so I’m very confused. Please fix!

I'd give it a 5/5 if it didn't follow hundreds of people

I like how you can gain followers and likes but I never buy followers yet the app has had me follow almost 1k people?!?

Best app

Eyes to use ,I love it


I wanted to make a meme account and I used this to get more followers and it worked. I tried 3 other apps and they were garbo. Thank you for such a good app!

It works

Overall it works, you have to invest time into it, but it really works.

Want load for mec

The app don’t even load up properly been trying to use for about 3weeks haven’t even been able to buy coins cause the app want open plz fix


Hi this application has very bugs,when i open it,sudenly it was broking and crash,i cant open it.plz repair it 😕

Good App but....Crashes

I really wish we could have the ability to write our own (10+) comments and have “people” comment those.. I posted a photo with abs and I wish I could add a customized comment saying, “Nice abs [my name]!” Also...the app crashes when I try to open it pls fix this!

Good app


I’m giving 5 start

I’m giving 5 start beacuse this app actually work and everyone that’s reading this and that want followers on Instagram you better download this app its amazing🤩

Don't download it it's not worth it

I've used a few different APPs before and this app is extremely difficult to use and is not generous in giving away free credits.

Please fix

It keep crashing


I like it lol

Horrible app

They don’t give you enough followers for 6000 coins I was supsoed to get 300 followers instead I got 20 also I purchase 9.99 and it didn’t give it to me

  • send link to app