Social Rocket for Instagram - Get Followers Report App Reviews

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It actually works


Best app ever you can get like 20 follows a day 😍😍😍😍



Great app but...

Doesn’t allow you to earn over 1000 coins.

Bad kicks you out

Bad horrible


Love tHe apP😃😃




I can’t put it to zero stArs fix it! I will tell u why if u get followers u wast time they keep going down! If u buy with money useless! I never even unfollowed anyone

DO not buy

I was clicking around the app and one of their special deals popped up and I accidentally clicked it and bought ten dollars worth of coins, which are literally useless. I tried getting a refund and they won’t answer. This app is a scam.


Worked for about 5 minutes. Very very disappointing. It deletes all your coins randomly and tells you you’ve unfollowed too many people before you’re even able to get out of the app. Sad.

Pretty good but difficult

It’s a good app overall, but I didn’t unfollow anybody and it’s said I can no longer use the app for six hours


Cool app

Can’t Log In

I’m entering the correct password but everytime I try to login, a long error link shows up in red letters over the username and password box. Hopefully the devs can fix this asap.


Ussually, apps like this dont work. But this one for sure does. I would recomend this app to any people that really need growth with their soc. media. When your using the app, dont unfollow too many people. If you do, there will be a consequence. But the app really works, so you should try it out!

App really works

Yes really good app you get your followers even if you lose them they will come back the customer service via email is great would recommend this to anyone .:)

Fix this!

The app won't even load now. It immediately shuts down and takes me back to the home screen.

Don’t waste your time it’s horrible app

Don’t get this they steal money from you the go back fourth with rather finding a solution. The app freezes and it extremely slow.




This app is really great i love it


The update is trash! I can’t even select how many anything I want or play the daily games.... plz fix this.

I wanted to give this app 5 stars

I wanted to give this app 5 stars. But for some reason it keeps taking coins from me even though I don't unfollow or unlike posts. I think it's unfair and that's a glitch that NEEDS TO BE FIXES


Where is the Home screen? Stuck on a screen showing me who likes my post the most. Can't get back to likes screen.

Love it, but....

Recently the app doesn't open 70% of the time. When it works, I love it. This recent issue is annoying and it slows down any progress I've made. **update. Having to delete and reinstall app everyone I need to use it.

No coins to follow

Worked for the first day, after that I stopped getting coins for follows and I’m not vem close to the limit or max of follows. They just want you to buy them

Great! Minor issues.

Has lots of great ways to receive coins and gain in whatever likes or follows. But with the check ins... I noticed in a week it would crash and start over. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have VIP but still. Something to look at.


Ive been super impressed in the last 24 hours. 🤝🤝🤝

Doesn’t work

It was good for few days but now anytime I try to LIKE the coins just fade and I don’t get any. Also 0 coins with Easy Mode.

Good app

Worked for a while then I would get coins and they wouldn't be stored...

Instagram free followers

It actually works


It’s good


It doesn’t work, I got 25 plus hearts but it stayed at the amount of hearts it had before!

Needs Imorovement

Every time you click to get coins an ad to pay for coins pops up and sometimes if you get 8 coins from following someone or liking a post then you don’t receive the coins that you earned. Needs improvement WHY DO YOUR COINS DISAPPEAR??? YOU DONT EVEN GET THEM HALF OF THE TIME

Does the job

Been using this app for almost a year to have a few more likes on my photos. Gets the job done.

Good app

Great app, a bit pricey when you already pay $20 a month but they deliver as said.

It worked for an hour

This app does let you get more followers and likes but what makes it bad is that after you like or follow 4 things it says “please try again later” or “tap to retry” this is ridiculous. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled and logged out and back in and it seems like it keeps doing it.

Liked too bad it has crashed

App doesn’t open after a month use so I uninstalled so I lost my coins I had in it. Otherwise good needs to get improved such as gift box when one gets should not offer the same gift twice or more times if it’s an app as we only need to get apps once so second time around it’s not a gift anymore. Also make all apps available in all countries, some of the gift apps are not.


I’m sorry but i used to love it but now I hate it because it’s now making my fans go down. After they went up. It’s making me mad and upset


So it is set to automatic renewal which charged me $21.00 for the vip for a month because I had purchased the free one for like a day or whatever and I want my money back please ! I need it.

Crashes or hangs then closes

Want to love it but it either crashes or won’t even start. It just hangs then closes. Am I the only one?


it keeps saying i unfollow people when i havent unfollowed anyone??? it takes away my coins please fix this i havent unfollowed anyone

Overpriced, fake expectations

Super overpriced for what they do, only adds fake friends. No quality pages.


Charged me $20 after I cancelled the free trial




Loveeee it

Great App

App works wonders. Many great ways to gain followers & likes.

Good app

Very useful


The only screen I am given when I start the app is to purchase coins, but the stupidest part is that I do not have a place to use them.


Love this app always get way more then what they say they give you

get it

great app to use other people are saying it’s crashing but it hasn’t for me i’ve gained about 160 followers in a week. I just sit in class clicking the like for all the pictures by the end of class i could get at least 1000 coins if i did it all class



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